Quasar™ 8.5 SL

Get Immediate and Long-Lasting Control with Quasar™ 8.5 SL

Quasar™ 8.5 SL contains acetamiprid, the active ingredient used in TriStar® 8.5 SL Insecticide

Quasar™ 8.5 SL provides immediate, long-lasting control of a wide variety of harmful insects including aphids, leaf-eating beetles, caterpillars, leaf miners, scales, mealy bugs, whiteflies and thrips. The active ingredient works on contact and through ingestion to control target insects at all life stages. Quasar 8.5 SL rapidly absorbs into the plant tissue and immediately moves via systemic and translaminar activity, providing protection to the entire leaf for up to 4 weeks. Quasar 8.5 SL can be used alone and is also an excellent tank-mix partner making it an effective part of a resistance management program.


Key Benefits:

  • A viable alternative where pollinator impact is a concern
  • Immediate, on-contact control plus systemic and translaminar activity
  • Full life cycle control (ovicide, larvicide, adulticide)
  • Long-lasting residual activity
  • Excellent tank-mix partner
  • Odorless, easy-to-mix formula


Use Cases:

  • Commercial and residential landscape
  • Greenhouse
  • Landscape ornamentals
  • Lath houses
  • Nurseries


Application Information:

Quasar 8.5 SL is intended to be applied by professional applicators only for insect control on indoor or outdoor vegetable transplants, annual and perennial ornamental and flowering plants, non-bearing deciduous and evergreen fruit and nut trees, shrubs and vines.

Apply Quasar 8.5 SL as soon as pest pressure thresholds are reached. Allow at least six hours to elapse prior to applying overhead irrigation. Quasar 8.5 SL can be applied as a foliar broadcast spray to obtain thorough and uniform coverage of plants. Quasar 8.5 SL can also be applied via basal bark or injection treatment when spray application is not feasible.

For optimal pest control, thorough crop coverage is essential. Use the higher rate ranges when pest pressures are severe or when susceptibilities are unknown.


Quasar™ 8.5 SL is not manufactured, or distributed by Cleary Chemicals, LLC seller of TriStar® 8.5 SL Insecticide. TriStar® is a registered trademark of Nippon Soda Company. Quasar is a trademark of Atticus, LLC.