Schooner™ 51.0% WDG for Unsurpassed Aquatic Weed Control

Schooner™ 51.0% WDG Herbicide is a fast-acting aquatic herbicide that delivers speedy contact control of tough noxious and invasive weeds. With proven activity on floating and submersed plants, Schooner offers valuable application flexibility. Schooner works fast and quickly degrades from the water column. It does not accumulate in sediment.


Key Benefits:

  • Quick control of troublesome invasive and noxious weeds
  • Proven activity on both floating and submersed plants
  • Versatile application methods for ease of use
  • Favorable environmental profile


Use Sites:

Quiescent or slow moving bodies of water including: 

  • Bayous
  • Canals
  • Drainage ditches
  • Lakes
  • Marshes
  • Ponds (including golf course ponds)
  • Reservoirs


Application Information:

Schooner controls selected submersed, emergent and floating aquatic weeds. It is most effective when applied to young, actively growing weeds in water with a pH of less than 8.5. Surface Application Apply Schooner as a broadcast spray at 6 to 12 ounces of formulated product per acre plus an adjuvant approved for use in aquatics.


Subsurface Application Rates:

Note: PPB indicates Pounds of Schooner 51.0% WDG Herbicide Required Per Surface Acre to Achieve Desired Water Concentration

Water Depth (feet) 200 ppb 300 ppb 400ppb
1 1.1 1.6 2.1
2 2.1 3.2 4.2
3 3.2 4.8 6.4
4 4.2 6.4 8.5
5 5.3 8.0 10.6
6 6.4 9.5 12.7
7 7.4 11.1 14.8

Example: to achieve an initial concentration of 200 ppb of flumioxazin in a 4 foot deep water column, apply 4.2 lbs of Schooner per surface acre.


Use Precautions and Restrictions:

  • Do not apply to intertidal or estuarine areas.
  • There is no post-application holding restriction against use of treated water for drinking or recreational purposes (e.g. swimming, fishing).
  • In areas with dense weed vegetation only treat 1/2 the water body at one time and wait 10-14 days before treating the remaining area. Do not retreat the same section of water within 28 days of application.
  • Treated water may not be used for irrigation purposes on food crops until at least five (5) days after application.
  • Treated water may be used for irrigation purposes on turf and landscape ornamentals as outlined in the Irrigation Restrictions Following Application table.
  • Do not use in water utilized for crawfish farming.
  • Do not re-treat the same section of water with Schooner more than 6 times per year.
  • Do not exceed 400 ppb of Schooner during any one application. 
Application Method Application Rate Average Water Depth Turf & Landscape Ornamentals Ornamentals grown for production in Greenhouse and Nursery
Surface Spray 6 to 12 oz per surface acre Greater than 3 ft None 5 days
Surface Spray 6 to 12 oz per surface acre Less than 3 ft 12 hours 5 days
Subsurface Less than 200 ppb N/A 1 day 5 days
Subsurface 200 to 300 ppb N/A 2 days 5 days
Subsurface 300 to 400 ppb N/A 3 days 5 days