Long Lasting Weed Control with Semera™

Semera™ 51.0% WDG Herbicide is a pre-emergence and early post-emergence herbicide for control of selected grass and broadleaf weeds in and around ornamental woody shrubs, deciduous trees and conifers grown outdoors in containers or in the field (in ground), to maintain bare ground non-crop areas and dormant warm season turfgrass. 

Semera 51.0% WDG is a fast-acting contact herbicide that controls selected submersed, emergent and floating aquatic weeds. It is most effective when applied to young, actively growing weeds in water with a pH of less than 8.5. Application to public aquatic areas may require special approval and/or permits. Consult with local state agencies.


Outstanding Pre-emerge Performance:

  • Fast-acting, residual control
  • Broad-spectrum control of tough weeds
  • Flexible application options
  • Unique mode of action
  • Excellent tank-mix partner
  • Exceptional value
  • Doesn’t volatilize and move off target  


Key Uses:

  • Container and field-grown conifers and deciduous trees
  • Around established ornamentals in landscapes
  • To maintain bare ground in non-crop areas
  • Dormant warm-season turfgrass grown on residential sites, golf courses, sod production and similar sites
  • Quiescent or slow moving bodies of water