Talaris 4.5

High Value Plus Superlative Disease Control

Talaris™ 4.5 F Fungicide contains thiophanate-methyl, the active ingredient used in 3336® Fungicide.

Talaris™ 4.5 F is a broad spectrum fungicide which controls a variety of diseases in turf and ornamental crops. One of the most widely used fungicides in the world, thiophanate-methyl, the active ingredient in Talaris 4.5 F, works systemically to effectively protect turf and ornamentals. 

The high-quality, flowable formulation of Talaris 4.5 F is easy to apply and is an excellent tank-mix partner. Talaris 4.5 F offers outstanding performance at an exceptional value.


Key Benefits:

  • Offers broad-spectrum protection against a wide range of turf and ornamental diseases
  • Excellent, easy-to-use formulation
  • Consistent, economical control


Key Uses:

  • Bedding    
  • Flowers
  • Flowering    
  • Containerized woody shrubs
  • Herbaceous foliage plants    
  • Tropical foliage plants        
  • Shrubs        
  • Trees        
  • Turfgrass
    • Residential or public areas
    • Golf course tees
    • Golf course fairways


Talaris™ is a trademark of Atticus, LLC. Talaris is not manufactured or distributed by Cleary Chemicals, LLC, seller of 3336®. 3336® is a registered trademark of Nufarm Americas Inc.