CARY, NC (September 17, 2018) –Atticus introduces Empero Q-Pak, a selective herbicide for postemergence control of nutsedges in landscapes, established lawns, and turfgrass.

Empero Q-Pak (Comparable to SedgeHammer®) uses active ingredient halosulfuron-methyl, to control weeds, sedges, and certain broadleaf weeds in both commercial and residential turf areas. It comes in a convenient pre-measured pack with a rapidly dissolving formulation for use in a backpack sprayer. Unlike other products, Empero Q-Pak targets sedges underground, not just on foliage. This product is as versatile as it is easy to apply; it maintains commercial and residential turfgrass as well as other non-crop sites including airports, campgrounds, cemeteries, golf courses, sports fields, and more.

“The easy-to-use premeasured pack size offers quick control of difficult to manage weeds while remaining gentle on established turf and landscapes. Empero Q-Pak gives our customers another simple solution in Atticus’ expanding professional market portfolio.”

Bill AbetzAccount Manager, Professional Markets