CARY, NC (August 1, 2018) –Atticus introduces two new Oxamyl based alternatives to Vydate® insecticides, Ventas 24% L and Ventas 42% C-LV, to increase resistance management solutions in Atticus’ portfolio.

Ventas 24% L (comparable to Vydate® L) protects apples, citrus, vegetables and other crops from the damaging effects of aphids, mites, thrips, leafminers, and other harmful pests. Ventas 42% C-LV (comparable to Vydate® C-LV) is a fast-acting insecticide that damages resistant prone nematodes and other pests, in cotton, peanut, potato, and tobacco crops. Inconsistent product supplies and EPA cancellations of nematode chemistries have made nematode populations increasingly difficult to control, leaving product options scarce and crops vulnerable to damage. Ventas 24% L and Ventas 42% C-LV are reliable alternatives, providing growers with consistent supply and proven protection.

The systemic movement of Oxamyl allows the active ingredient to translocate, so whether the product is applied on the foliage or the roots, it is distributed evenly to target pests above and below ground. Ventas 24% L and Ventas 42% C-LV are powerful resistance management tools and are most effective when used in recommended rotational programs with other insecticides that use different modes of action. Ventas 24% L and Ventas 42% C-LV join Atticus’ already robust insecticide portfolio and provide another solution for growers faced with the challenges of resistant insects.

“With rising nematode populations, plants are at a greater risk of falling victim to root damage and becoming susceptible to citrus greening and other damaging diseases. Fortunately, these products are active on both roots and foliage so they can suppress nematodes and other pests before they compromise your crop.”

Shan BrooksVice President, Specialty Crop Markets