As populations of spider mites, brown almond and other tetranychid mites begin to expand throughout the summer, threatening the success of a bountiful crop, it is important to find affordable solutions to manage the issue.

A partnership with Atticus crop protection is based on a commitment to operational excellence, backed by a team of experienced professionals. Learn more about what makes Atticus different with this Q&A from Atticus CEO, Randy Canady.

Atticus, LLC, a branded-generic crop protection manufacturer, announces a suite of insect growth regulator products for Southeastern and Western specialty-crop growers. These products, for use on citrus, vegetables, cotton, tree nuts, stone fruit, and more, allow for flexible application and mixability in integrated pest management programs.

Atticus, LLC announces three new additions to its portfolio of crop protection products, just in time for corn growers who are making input decisions this fall. Atticus branded-generic herbicides are now available to aid corn growers in their pest control efforts to ensure fields are set up for season-long success in 2020.

In the midst of product supply uncertainty around the world and increasing input costs, Atticus, LLC is expanding its suite of pre-emerge and PPO herbicide products to benefit soybean growers.

Atticus applauds the American Farmer who transforms from the family and community leader into the competitive warrior who steps onto the battlefield.

Atticus announces the rollout of Aquesta™, an evolving full suite of sulfentrazone-based PPO herbicides created to simplify soybean herbicide decisions.

Atticus announces that it has bolstered its Total Release line with a new product, delivering even more insecticide options to the company’s greenhouse grower client sector.

Atticus is pleased to announce the launch of Atticus Friends & Family, an active engagement platform that connects and supports members of the Ag industry through giving initiatives, community building, and youth development programs.

Atticus expands their herbicide portfolio with Tetris™ SG, a selective herbicide for the Specialty crop market.