Atticus introduces a broad portfolio of relevant generic hexythiazox miticide products, offering effective alternatives to combat tetranychid mites in a variety of specialty crop, row crop, and professional settings.

Atticus is pleased to release a new custom package size for ArVida® 70 WP insecticide in response to some fruit application needs. This 13.6-oz. bottle is pre-measured for four-acre loads to ensure consistent delivery of active ingredient to plants. The new ArVida 70 WP package will also improve ease-of-use and reduce the mess, waste, and mixing inconsistency of traditional wettable powders.

Atticus is pleased to announce EPA registration for halosulfuron-methyl and the launch of three relevant generic herbicide brands to benefit specialty crop, row crop, and professional turf customers. Stadia™, Promote™, and Empero™ offer effective control of nutsedge and other broadleaf weeds without the damaging effects commonly left behind by other herbicides.

Atticus announces the addition of three new branded-generic product alternatives to benefit turf customers, including Artavia™, Empero™ and Detour™.

Atticus announces the completion of its first phase of relevant greenhouse and nursery insecticide, fungicide, and herbicide alternative offerings.

Atticus is pleased to introduce Talaris™ 70 WSB, a new thiophanate-methyl fungicide option that offers effective broad-spectrum protection of valuable crops.

Atticus, LLC is pleased to announce two new additions to our team, Shannon Russell, Executive Vice President of Operations and Dave Bolin, Ph.D. as Director of Regulatory Affairs.

Atticus, LLC is pleased to announce the addition of four new agricultural products to our portfolio. The new products include one herbicide, Cavallo™ 4 SC, and three fungicides, Acadia™ 2 SC, Aquila XL™, and Slant™ 41.8% EC.

“The Atticus team is excited about the recent additions to our portfolio and for the opportunity to bring reliable alternatives to our customers,” says Mitch Klann, President of Atticus.

Atticus, LLC is pleased to announce that Bill Abetz has joined its team as Director, Professional Products. Bill will lead the expansion of Atticus products supporting turf, ornamental, vegetation management and aquatic customers nationwide.

Atticus is pleased to announce its EPA registration for bifenazate, which it will enact to launch multiple relevant generic insecticide formulas under the brand name Enervate™ for specialty crops (comparable to Acramite® and Vigilant™) and Actuate™ for greenhouse and nursery (comparable to Floramite®).