Atticus LLC, a CSE Life Science Company, is pleased to announce the addition of Robbie Malm as Western Regional Business Manager serving the agricultural markets. Robbie will manage agricultural sales operations in California and the Pacific Northwest, extending the availability of quality regionally focused support and expertise to distributors, retailer and growers in this vital crop sector.

Atticus recently announced the introduction of a line of products containing the active ingredient Acetamiprid, an insecticide that works quickly to control target pests through both contact and ingestion. The products will serve as a viable, EPA-recognized and USDA field-proven alternative where pollination impact is a concern. Atticus offers two formulations use in agriculture and turf and ornamental markets.

Atticus, LLC recently announced the introduction of a new product containing the active ingredient thiophanate-methyl, a broad-spectrum curative and preventive systemic fungicide. Atticus offers a single formulation for both agriculture and turf and ornamental markets.

Atticus has received federal registration from the Environmental Protection Agency for its new flumioxazin products.

Atticus products containing flumioxazin include: Zaltys™, Semera™, and Schooner™.