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Growing corn is your expertise. Defending it is ours.

Partner with Atticus for trusted crop protection products. We are your ally to protect your corn crop with a targeted approach to preventing diseases, fighting tough weeds and managing insects. Integrated Pest Management is the best approach to fight against resistance, control damaging insects and protect yields. Our broad portfolio of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides offer relevant solutions at the right price for your corn crop’s distinct needs.

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Conquer corn’s unwanted threats

Our Corn Product Application Guide organizes products by type and application timing for quick reference, so you can seamlessly find the right solution.

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An ally in your corn crop protection plan

Atticus has an expansive list of trusted products to fight resistance and protect corn all season long featuring:

  • Reliable and well-known chemistry, applied at the right time
  • Proven formulations with the handling characteristics you need
  • The active ingredients you recognize, at a more affordable price, from one reliable supplier

Meet your allies

Interested in getting the most out of your crop protection plan? View our directory to get to know our team. You can contact each of us directly about your individual crop protection goals.