Atticus News

Atticus Friends & Family Launches – An Active Engagement Initiative with the Ag Community

Atticus is pleased to announce the launch of Atticus Friends & Family, an active engagement platform that connects and supports members of the Ag industry through giving initiatives, community building, and youth development programs.

Atticus Delivers Postemergence Protection with Tetris™ SG

Atticus expands their herbicide portfolio with Tetris™ SG, a selective herbicide for the Specialty crop market.

Atticus Expands Professional Portfolio with New Empero™ Q-Pak

Atticus introduces Empero™ Q-Pak, a selective herbicide for postemergence control of nutsedges in landscapes, established lawns, and turfgrass.

Atticus Introduces Oomycete Disease Protection with ReCon™ 4 F

Atticus introduces ReCon™ 4 F, a fungicide that attacks soil-borne diseases and offers outstanding preventative protection against oomycete diseases.

Atticus Introduces Lepidopteran control with Inspirato™ 2 F

Atticus introduces Inspirato™ 2 F, an insect growth regulator that targets lepidopteran insects in the specialty crop market.

Atticus Adds Depth to Growing Team of Talent

Atticus is pleased to welcome six new members to Atticus’ growing team of talent. These new team members will support key operations and new business initiatives through another phase of growth at Atticus.