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Broad-Spectrum Control of Tough Greenhouse Pests

Contains chlorfenapyr, the active ingredient used in Pylon®

Piston™ is a broad-spectrum insecticide-miticide that delivers outstanding control of tough greenhouse pests. Piston provides 14-21 days of control depending on the pest and the pest population pressure. Piston has excellent stomach activity when ingested and exceptional contact activity. It kills most pests within 72 hours, except foliar nematodes.

Piston contains the active ingredient Chlorfenapyr, and it is a member of the pyrroles class of chemicals. Piston works by interfering with the energy production of pests, preventing the conversion of ADP to ATP so mites and insects cannot generate enough energy to survive.

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EPA Registration Number: 91234-19
Active Ingredient: Chlorfenapyr 21.4%
IRAC: 13
Signal Word: Caution
Formulation: Suspension concentrate
Package sizes: 4 x 1 qt
Restricted Use: No

Key Benefits

  • Controls a wide range of mites in nymph and adult stages
  • Delivers 14-21 days of control
  • Outstanding control of thrips
  • Rainfast in 60 minutes
  • Excellent translaminar activity
  • Kills most pests within 72 hours

Key Uses

The following represent the most common uses for this product. For more detail about these or other uses please refer to the product brochure or ask your distributor.

©2018 Atticus. Important: Always read and follow label instructions. Not all products are registered for use in every state. Piston™ is not manufactured, or distributed by BASF Corporation, seller of Pylon®. Pylon® is a registered trademark of BASF Corporation. Piston is a trademark of Atticus, LLC.

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